Whether it’s a one-on-one video chat or a breakout session, the Virtual Summit (July 25 - 28) is your chance to explore radical ideas and meet brilliant Boxies from all around the world without ever having to leave your room. How magical is that? Yes, we planned it that way.

Poke around our Virtual Summit programming below, pick or pitch a topic that interests you, and show up for your digital rendezvous. All you need is a wifi connection and an open mind. Oh, what’s that? You can’t wait to participate in this year’s Virtual Summit? Skip the imaginary line and sign up here.


Fall in Love with a Sandboxer • Freedom in 2019 • Is Free Speech Possible? • Unconventional Relationships • The Idols We Worship



Who is Family? • Indulging Your Inner Narcissist for Impact • Who Are “You” • The Golden Line


saturday, july 27

Recognizing Your Inner Child • What Happens When We Die? • Owning Your Sexual Fantasies • Multipassionate


SUNDAY, July 28

How to Fall in Love with a Sandboxer