Our vision for Sandbox Summit is to gather members representing a diverse and global community. Sandbox has 41 Hubs around the world, and we would like every hub to be represented. Any member of Sandbox is welcome to apply.

We will prioritize scholarships to:

  1. Members from emerging countries/regions, where the average wage is lower.
  2. Members that have given the most to the community (e.g. ambassadors) and are in financial hardship. 
  3. Kenyan members.

Every member of Sandbox is welcome to apply.


How does the application work?

Apply on the link above - we’ll do our best to get you to the Baobabs! Make sure to apply for a scholarship before the 22nd of July!

When will I know if my application succeeds?

We don’t know yet. It depends on how many tickets we sell, on sponsorships, and donations. We aim to have a confirmation as soon as possible, aiming to one month before the beginning of the Summit.

Where will the resources come from?

We have several plans: 1. We are including a default donation of 50$ on the ticket sale (members will be free to opt-out). 2. We are giving members the chance to be a patron by purchasing the Patron Ticket which will cover the summit fee of another member, 3. We set up a Sponsorships Committee who will reach out to organizations to fund members attendance to the Summit, 4. The more members attend the Summit, the more funds the Summit Team will have to cover fee waivers.

I am not a Sandbox member, can I apply for a Scholarship?

No. Given limited funds, scholarships are only available for Sandbox members.  

If I don’t get a scholarship, can I get a cheaper ticket?

Yes. Applicants who don’t get a scholarship will have access to early bird tickets. Financial assistance is allocated first to individuals with the greatest need, and based on the priorities outlined in the intro paragraph of this page. We will let you know how to proceed after the application review process is over.

I have already bought my Summit ticket. Can I still apply for a Scholarship?

No. Tickets cannot be reimbursed. Bear in mind that if you apply for a Scholarship and don’t get selected, you will still have the chance to buy Early Bird tickets.

What type of scholarship can I get?

For our 2017 Croatia Summit, every Scholarship applicant was granted some form of financial assistance. For some, the assistance wasn’t sufficient due to budget limitations (and limited donations), but we did manage to provide help for 59 members. We certainly encourage those in financial hardship to help us seek sponsorship or explore creative means of securing funding for your own travel and accommodation (eg. crowdfunding -last year, the Léman hub fundraised 700€ through the ski retreat, to donate for a member of emerging countries, asking your employer or university, finding local sponsors, asking friends, etc).

I know an individual or organisation that is keen on sponsoring members!

Excellent, please put us in touch!

What will the scholarship cover?

A full scholarship that will cover all your Summit ticket, which includes accommodation in Standard Tent, food and all costs during the Summit. This ticket has a full rate cost of USD 780. A partial scholarship will provide a discounted ticket of USD 300.

Who decides who will get the scholarships, and under which criteria?

The “Sponsorships” Team, led by Franco Amorosi (Buenos Aires Hub) - has been appointed to this task. We think diversity of thought and origin is really important, and we want all the hubs to be represented - particularly those from the Global South. We're trying to make the summits as accessible as we can to all members worldwide. We will also allocate scholarship depending on how active the members are, and what they can provide to the community in lieu of the scholarship.

Need more info? Send us an email to with “Scholarships” in the title