Kilifi New Year

Set deep in the jungle of Kenya’s majestic Kilifi Creek, Kilifi New Year is a radically creative two-day explosion of music, arts and tropical beach culture. Incredible performers from around Africa and the world will unite to put on a unique, technicolour show celebrating the exciting intersection between African and global electronic music. Expect nothing less than an unforgettable few days packed with the most exhilarating vibes the continent has to offer. 


Distant Relatives is located in Kenya in the beautiful ancient coastal town of Kilifi (midway between Mombasa and Malindi). More specifically it is squeezed between the village of Fumbini, a community-owned forest, and the beautiful emerald-blue Kilifi Creek.

The project began in 2010 when, as travellers ourselves, we happened upon Kilifi and were immediately struck by its peace, beauty and relative simplicity of life. The people were welcoming and friendly, the village and town center were unintimidating and one could make friends very quickly. The natural beauty and biodiversity of the local environment was simply breathtaking. Naturally, we loved Kilifi and left begrudgingly. Since then, and after several further visits, we decided to make it our home.

The name ‘Distant Relatives’ sums up the central principle and aim of our project: to bring people together from all around the world to learn and share with one another and build lasting, positive relationships based on an understanding and appreciation of community and sustainability – at the end of the day, we are all Distant Relatives!