– The Age of Community –

Uniting a global and diverse community of young innovators who empower each other to build a better world.


Get ready for a mind-boggling schedule designed for personal and professional growth, discussing the age of community, and human evolution.

And a lot of dancing!



Take a peek at some of our hosts projects: From Kilifi New Year to Distant Relatives Ecolodge & Backpackers.

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Let's Co-create

The Sandbox Summit is a participatory event.
Its content will be co-created by participants, in a curated un-conference format. Submit your participations here.


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We'll need your help to make the Summit a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. If you're keen on contributing to all the work that goes into producing the Kenya Sandbox Global Summit, please let us know here.

Important Dates 


July 5th – Early Bird Ticket Launch

July 20th – End of Early Bird // Regular Sale Launch (25% price increase)

August 20th – End of Regular Sale // Final Sale launch (10% price increase)

September 15th – End of Ticket Sale


July 5th – Applications Open

August 1st – Guest Tickets Launch

September 5th – Applications Close 

September 15th – End of Ticket Sale


July 5th – Applications Open

July 22nd – End of Scholarship Submission // Access to Scholarship Tickets

satellite event: SandboXnairobi  


On the day before the Summit - Tuesday, October 2nd - in Nairobi, we invite the Sandbox community to host a full-day conversation series to engage with Nairobi-based talents from various ecosystems.

With these horizontal conversations, our aim is to connect with local communities and co-create long-term shared value by confronting western and local perspectives on global trends, intercultural dynamics and power relationships on varied topics such as tech, arts, storytelling, migrations, activism, pop-culture, etc.


Interested in joining?


We are looking for organisations who share our vision for a global future, in alignment with our community values. Do you know a person or an organization that would be a great fit? Let us know by submitting their information here. We can then get in touch!

We have prepared a deck (below) to spark the interest of potential partners, feel free to share it with whoever you think might be interested.

Are you keen on helping us develop a potential partnership? We’re setting up a commission scheme to members who lead the efforts towards a successful sponsorship. Email us with the word “Synergies” in the subject line.

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