Our vision is to build a community of exceptional, passionate pioneers who inspire and empower each other to create a better world.

If you are not a Sandbox member but would like to join our Summit in Kenya, please apply.


How do I get my guest ticket?
Applications are rolling and opened on the 5th of July. Apply at the link above. We'll begin reviewing applications, accepting guests, and releasing tickets on the 1st of August. Apply soon!

Is there an age limit for guests?
No – while our members join the community before their 30th birthday, younger guests will be viewed as potential members and older ones as potential mentors.

How many spots are available for guests to attend the event?
Our goal is to keep a 1 guest to 4 member ratio at the Summit. We anticipate that 50-65 guests will attend this year's summit.

How much are guest tickets?
You have three different options for purchasing tickets:

  • BYO tent regular price ticket (£499)
  • Safari tent regular price ticket (£574)
  • Maridadi tent regular price ticket (£674)

Prices go up 10% on August 20th, so buy soon!

What kind of accommodation do guests get? Can we share accommodation with Sandbox members?
Learn about the venue, amenities, and see photos of the different housing options here. Guests and Members will be allocated randomly, unless there is a specific request.

If I am a guest at the Global Summit, will it fast-track my application to become a Sandbox member?
No, but it probably won’t hurt come application time.

Who decides who will be accepted, and under which criteria?
A “Guest Curation” team has been appointed to this task. The criteria will be the same ones that make a Sandboxer. You can trust the Guest Curation Team to accept only inspiring humans, and younger members with outstanding potential and fresh energy to feed the serendipity machine!

What happens at the summit? What is the guest experience like?
As our guest, you'll experience every part of the summit along with Sandbox members.The summit is our global community's festival where we gather together to celebrate life, teach each other skills, come up with new ideas to help each other grow, and bring together inspiring souls to shape the future of our world. Attendees curate the event unconference-style, holding workshops, a talent show, performances, and much more. The event is a chance to meet and become friends with passionate, talented, audacious and kind individuals from around the world. We also invite you to join our satellite event in Nairobi prior to the summit on October 2nd.

Help! I have another question?
Check out this general FAQ or reach out to us at the email below.

Need more info? Reach out at with “Guests” in the subject email.